Chairman’s speech

Dr. Prabhakar B.Kore M.P,
K.L.E. Society- Belgaum.

Over the last few years, KLE  DBA  has transformed talented youngsters into productive and inspired business leaders, who have  made a mark across all sectors and geographical regions in India's growing economy. Founded on the belief that ethical practices and universal values are the nucleus of business excellence. Our growing number of recruiters, who return to the campus Every year, is testimony to the rigour, contemporary relevance, and constant pedagogical innovation that prevails on KLE DBA beautiful, well-equipped campus.

KLE DBA places a lot of importance on learning - not just theoretical but practiced learning. We lay emphasis on holistic development of our students. To help you grow on all fronts, the institute provides myriad of opportunities outside the classroom as well- be it industrial interaction, cultural activities, sports competitions or entrepreneurial pursuits. At the same time to expose the students to international management thought and practice. Every year, we re-dedicate ourselves to our goals and objectives, and in these challenging times, we believe we are an ideal choice for dynamic young men and women looking for a rewarding career.